Chilli Express - Farm produce for sale

Each year we grow a fresh crop of assorted chillies to produce our very popular Sweet Chilli Sauce - made in five 'heats' to satisfy the most discerning palette. A perfect accompaniment on a cheese board; wonderful with avocados and superb with a variety of meats and vegetables. Let your imagination go wild!

Home made Tomato Sauce has always been a family favourite and now with a heap of chillies added to make our Tomato Chilli Sauce, this has become a popular addition to the range.

Our newest addition is our two straight Chilli and Garlic Sauces. With either Smoked or Roasted chillies and garlic you need to be able to handle a bit of heat to enjoy these sauces.

Now there is also an option for Pineapple and Manzano Chilli Sauce - like the 'Smoked and Roasted', this has a good hit to it. A tasty addition to ham steaks or try them on your Hawaiian Pizza.

From our Feijoa Orchard, we have fresh Feijoas in season then throughout the rest of the year - Dried Feijoa Slices, plain or chocolate-dipped. The Feijoas are hand picked from our orchard then sorted with only the biggest and best being peeled, sliced and dried ready for chocolate dipping. White chocolate mixes wonderfully with the tartness of the Feijoa making these wonderful "Little Treats". Treat someone special today!!

With Feijoas in abundance, Feijoa Chutney was added - delicious with cold meats and cheeses or to spice up your sandwiches.

Rhubarb Chutney completes our current range - this we have made a little spicier but not over the top. Once again this goes well on your cheeseboards or nibbles platter and adds a lovely bite to your cold meats.

Also, from our Fig trees we have fresh Figs in season and Dried Figs - another great addition to a cheese board. Something extra to add into your child's school lunch box or just a snack through the day - grown and dried in the sunny Far North of New Zealand

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Please phone 09 408 7895 or 027 5807259, email or use our contact form to enquire about or order any of our products. You are welcome to collect from us at Little Lakes Retreat or we can send by courier. We will advise you of the total cost and payment methods when we receive your order or enquiry.

Sweet Chilli Sauce

$7.50 - 300ml bottle

Tomato Chilli Sauce

$7.50 - 300ml bottle


Smoked, Roasted and Manzano/Pineapple Chilli Sauce

$7.50 - 150ml bottle



Chilli Sauce

$5.00 - 50ml bottle

Feijoa Chutney

$6.00 - 250ml bottle

Rhubarb Chutney

$6.00 - 250ml bottle

Chocolate-Dipped Dried Feijoas

$8.00 - large packet
$5.00 - small packet

Plain Dried Feijoas

$6.00 - large packet
$4.00 - small packet

Dried Figs

$5.00 - packet